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Dec 16th, 2019

                     The 2nd Annual
      AMA East meets West Harescramble
hosted by OHSCS was held over Labor Day weekend and saw riders from all over the U.S. descend on the Stillwater 500. The course was 17 miles long and the dirt was perfect from rain on Friday.  We had lots of compliments on our park and trails, but not so much on the humidity !!
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We are trying to purchase a tractor with a mower and skid steer for maintaining and improving the park.   Any amounts are welcome and if you have any leads on equipment, let us know.
Thank you !
The latest park newsletter has been sent out.  You can view / print a copy from the menu above.   (this version does not include the gate combo )
New GPS Map of all the trails ! 
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ALL riders wishing to ride at the Stillwater 500 are required to be members of the park.  A single park membership is good for a family ( 2 Adult riders and up to 4 youth riders under 18 years old.)

ALL persons riding are required to be listed on the primary permit holders permit form.  IF you are riding and NOT listed, you are trespassing.  

Permits can be purchased at local Stillwater motorcycle shops Tuesday thru Friday  9am - 5pm and Saturday 9am-4pm

*Honda of Stillwater 405-743-3200

*Stillwater Powersports  405-377-4941

You can also click the permit form link below and print it out, fill it out, then mail it in.  
Click icon for Permit Form