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Feb 9th, 2019
Ride Day Feb 10th, 2019
AMA National East Meets West Harescramble 2018
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Our Ride Day had a great attendance even with the muddy and cold temps.  Hot chocolate and hamburgers and hot dogs kept everyone fueled !!     Thanks to everyone that made it out!   We'll have another Ride day in the coming months.
Russell P getting things kicked off.
Youth riders practicing turns and braking.
The Stillwater Trailriders Annual Meeting was held Saturday Feb 9th at Guy Cooper's museum, with a big crowd in attendance.  

Roger Stacy gave an update on the legal goings on with the park and what he and Brenda are working on with federal grants. 

We have two racing events planned at the park for 2019,  the Golden Eagle Enduro and the AMA East meets West National Harescramble.  

We also elected a few new officers to the group,  Mathew Hasbell is our new Vice President and Keith Johnson is our new Treasurer.  Welcome aboard !! 

Due to the wet and cold temps, we cancelled our scheduled work day, but we'll be working on the trails as things dry up. 

The gate code has been changed as of Sunday evening Feb 10th.